A morning cup of coffee is not only a ritual to most people, but a necessity. Habits create pattern: people grow accustomed to their ‘usual’ and rarely venture out to try anything else. But for those in the mood for something fun and different, how about recommending them a new drink every morning… weather-based?


A cool iced black tea for the scorching summer days or a nice toasty cup of hot chocolate for a rainy day. Leave your mundane go-to for another time. The recommendations are tailored to your palette. Have a major sweet tooth? Fancy darker roasts? A big fan of vanilla flavor? Whatever your preference, a quick one time survey will generate drinks you can’t stop chugging.


These recommendations are sent out through push notifications whenever you are within a certain distance of a Starbucks retail location. Complete the order on your Starbucks app and a count down will begin for your beverage pick up.

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Orders are tallied and rewards are given through loyalty programs. A order history also helps you remember “that amazing new drink I tried the other day”.