[...] this Shanghai location is our most stunning store, while making it completely unique and relevant. [It is] a modern-day Willy Wonka experience, where customers are only feet away from the theatre and artistry of our coffee craft.
— Howard Schultz
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Read about the Shanghai Reserve store here 

The most theatrical and immersive manifestation of Starbucks Reserve meets Shanghai—perhaps the world's most electrifying city. This dynamic pairing made its debut on December 4th, 2017 in the form of the groundbreaking Shanghai Starbucks Reserve™ Roastery.

This latest Starbucks Reserve™Roastery is the second iteration of six Roasteries launching around the world. Despite drawing its inspiration from the flagship Roastery in Seattle, the Shanghai location exceeds the original in scale, clocking in at a vast 30,000 square feet.


To help customers navigate through the store, printed maps of the roastery are handed out, they can also experience the consumer journey alongside the downloaded Reserve app to learn and familiarize with Starbucks and the uniqueness of the Reserve retail store.


The team's main creative objective was to find inspirational components of Shanghai and to implement these local elements into the store design. Another task was to generate interactive touch points for consumers to learn and familiarize with the roastery, its products and the services.


Smart projections are used throughout the store to not only create beautiful visuals but also aid in storytelling.


Along the way, customers can direct their mobile devices around the Roastery for moments of surprise and delight as they immerse themselves in the augmented reality learning stations.