China is the world's third largest market for Cognac consumption after the US and Singapore. Produced specifically for the 2017 Chinese New Year, Martell Cognac Intense Bleu is available at key travel-retail outlets in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Shanghai, Beijing, Thailand and Malaysia.



This was a packaging design project for Martell’s limited edition Cognac. This new blend matured for six months in casks subjected to intense heat, in a method known as “chauffe crocodile”. The process in making this cognac has never been used before at Martell, which employs a much more intense flame to “burn” the oak. This also paved inspiration to the package design.

Invisible thermo-chromic inks, which react to heat, turn fiery red when the box is rubbed, creating the illusion of glowing embers.

Digital display in Hong Kong International Airport

Digital display in Hong Kong International Airport