Adidas Republic of Sports is an annual exhibit and sports hall located in Century Park, Shanghai. Within the 4,000 squared meter venue, categories are sectioned into activity zones for football, basketball, training and running.


Boost Run Lab 3.0 is an experience center within ROS (Republic of Sports). The creative objective was to build a brand space that promotes awareness around Boost foam technology, inspire try-ons, and generate excitement through shareable content, ultimately driving sales. This integrated experience promotes product exploration and tech-focused interactions.

To encourage and promote urban running, the concept for the experience center was themed around a place where people literally fuel up and replenish: Gas Station.

The exhibition was designed as a traveling experience, so every component is modular and assemble-friendly, it was taken to and displayed in 4 cities: Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and Guangzhou.


This is the VR treadmill “Run Genie” where you can fully submerge into the experience of urban running. Selecting 1 of 4 preprogramed routes takes you on a journey through different neighborhoods and scenarios. The running machine is synchronized to what is displayed onscreen and at various touch points, an infographic displays educates how Boost sneakers combat terrain obstacles.